Pulsante Therapy

About Pulsante Therapy

How can Pulsante® Therapy help you?

First-of-its-kind microstimulator designed for severe headache patients.

Patients with cluster headache have few approved treatment options to treat their attacks, and 10%–20% develop drug-resistant attacks.1 Many cluster headache patients continue to suffer from disabling pain because these therapies are not working or have undesired side effects. In some patients, their medical condition prevents them from using these therapies.


Pulsante therapy works by using a wireless handheld remote controller to power a miniature Microstimulator that is inserted near the SPG nerve bundle behind the cheek.  The Pulsante SPG Microstimulator directs mild electrical pulses to interfere with pain messages.  During treatment, you are in control of the intensity of the therapy can turn it on and off as needed.

Pulsante Therapy allows you to control your own stimulation treatment as needed by turning on a remote controller and holding it over the inserted Microstimulator. When finished, simply pull the remote controller away from your cheek, turning off stimulation therapy.  The pain from most attacks is relieved within 15 minutes.2

The Pulsante Microstimulator Systems includes:

What are the benefits of Pulsante® Therapy?

Results from a randomized, controlled clinical trial show that Pulsante Therapy can provide cluster headache pain relief within 15 minutes.2

Doctors in that study also observed that patients using the therapy had significantly less attacks. Many patients using Pulsante therapy have been able to resume their normal activities such as spending time with friends and family, playing sports, going to events, traveling, and sleeping.

People choose Pulsante Therapy over other headache therapies because it offers several advantages such as: 2,3,4

  • Proven safety and efficacy
  • Minimally invasive procedure with no visible scars
  • No dose restrictions
  • Life-changing clinical results


Pulsante Therapy Works! What’s the Next Step?

Now is the time to visit a headache specialist trained in Pulsante Therapy.

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